Company Name Country Activity Member Since
S.C. NKDAVIR S.R.L. Romania Distributor / Wholesaler 28-12-2013
MOULIN D'OLIVES DU CAP BON Tunisia Producer... 27-12-2013
Elaias Topos Greece Producer 26-12-2013
Falhoom trading Yemen Importer 25-12-2013
Middle East Grain Co. Egypt Agent / Broker... 24-12-2013
Aceite Usado Merida,S.A Venezuela Producer 22-12-2013
SC DIONIS AGRIFOOD SRL Romania Producer... 20-12-2013
Dalmia Continental Pvt ltd. India Importer... 20-12-2013
The Iberian Larder Spain Producer 19-12-2013
caspin Argentina Distributor / Wholesaler... 19-12-2013
LEEBAN France Cartons & Containers 18-12-2013
RSD invest Serbia Agent / Broker 17-12-2013
JAS NEGOCE Tunisia Agent / Broker 17-12-2013
The Belgian Factory Belgium Producer... 16-12-2013
Girshan EXIM India Agent / Broker 14-12-2013
om ganesh oil India Producer... 14-12-2013
LIMA France Agent / Broker 13-12-2013
Pure Nature Togo Bottling Line Equipment... 13-12-2013
jose javier zamora camara Spain Other 13-12-2013
SURANLU S.L. Spain Negotiant / Exporter 12-12-2013

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